vitamin water

  • installation
  • Art Direction
  • practical effects

An animated installation displayed inside a Montreal bus stop.

For the Vitamin Water campaign “Pense, Bois, Agis” Sid Lee Toronto contracted out Caravane studio to make a huge bottle filled with tools used for all types of activities: sports equipment, musical instruments, art supplies and so on. Among those items we created some moving parts, notably a projector with a film strip running through it, a DJ pad with animated lights and a bicycle chain ring activated by a spinning turntable.



A mind bending pen spinning demonstration to advertise a new Samsung phone.


  • Client: Vitamin Water
  • Agency: Sid Lee / Jimmy Lee
  • Agency Project Manager: Dana Klyszejko, Christina Meunier
  • Agency Copywriter: Emma Quiroz
  • Agency Art Director: Bobby Martiniello
  • Art Direction: Jean Constant Guigue, Francis Dakin, Frédéric Bouin
  • Set Design: Jean Constant Guigue, Francis Dakin, Frédéric Bouin, Thomas Salaun, Rodrigo Sergio