real motion

  • still image
  • Set Design
  • Art Direction

A futuristic playground for a new type of interactive media editing software.

The Real Motion trademark branding and creative direction was led by Caravane studio’s Francis Dakin-Coté. In conjunction with the branding of the company Francis wanted to develop two playful images which would convey the mood of the brand.

The first image is a representation of the program suite offered by Real Motion, a sort of futuristic playground, with different modules, as if each one was a different part of the suite. Each piece was custom made from metal, wood, acrylic and cast concrete.

The second image was a 3d representation of the logo as if viewed from the side. The logo being a set of concentric lines giving the effect of tunnel like depth. The challenge was to turn the flat vectorial image into a real object.



A small portion of time and space dissected to reveal light waves travelling through it.


  • Creative director: Francis Dakin-Côté
  • Art direction: Francis Dakin-Côté, Jean-Constant Guigue, Frédéric Bouin, Thomas Salaun
  • Photographer: Francis Dakin-Côté