little bits

  • moving image
  • Set Design
  • practical effects

A series of short clips made for and with the ingenious little bits electronic modules.

Little bits is a start up out of New York city making an open source library of modular electronics, which snap together with small magnets. Each module has a different function, motors, buttons, LED lights, etc. By snapping them together you can invent all kinds of gadgets without having to solder a single wire.

The little bit videos are entirely made up of these little inventions, which I had the pleasure to put together.



3 spots showing off the various businesses funded by the National Bank of Canada.


  • Client: Little Bits
  • Director: Karim Zariffa
  • D.O.P.: Simon Pierre Gingras
  • Art Department: Francis Dakin-Coté, Jean-Constant Guigue, Frederic Bouin, Thomas Salaun
  • Agency: RGA
  • Production: Mom Industries
  • Post production: 1st Ave Machine