• moving image
  • Set Design
  • practical effects

A series of short and whacky clips for Koodo.

This Koodo campaign was a co-direction by Vallée Duhamel and Karim Zariffa, I had the pleasure to be part of the art department. My contributions among others involved designing and animating the flower typography, building the tennis court and writing the tennis ball letters, and designing the machine to split the cookie in half.


little bits

A series of short clips made for and with the ingenious little bits electronic modules.


  • Directors: Julien Vallée, Eve Duhamel & Karim Zariffa
  • Art Director: Louise Schabas
  • Set Design: Jean-Constant Guigue, Thomas Salaun, Frederic Bouin, Alex Hercule, Catherine Potvin
  • + Full Credits

    • Client: Koodo Mobile
    • Agency: Camp Jefferson
    • Executive Creative Director: Paul Little
    • Associate Creative Director: Julie Nikolic, Chris Obergfell
    • Copywriter: Paul Little, Rich Cooper, Michelle Colistro, Stefan Wegner
    • Art Director: Julie Nikolic, Andrew Passas, Chris Obergfell, Caroline Friesen
    • Designer: Andrew Passas, Mo Bofill
    • Copywriter: Marc-Andre Savard
    • Art Director: Sebastien Boulanger
    • Production Houses: Mike Perry Studios w/Suneeva, 1stAvenueMachine & MOM
    • Directors: Julien Vallée, Eve Duhamel, Karim Zariffa, Mike Perry
    • Director of Photography: Simon-Pierre Gingras
    • Photographer: Scottie Cameron
    • Set Designer: J Bell
    • Art Director: Louise Schabas
    • Animation Director: Mike Perry
    • Editorial House: 1stAvenueMachine
    • Editor: Marc-Antoine Croteau
    • Audio / Music House: Apollo Studios