• Art Direction
  • Set Design

A marquee sign for a mortgage agency.

I led the art direction and and construction of this marquee style sign. The piece was used in a fictive quiz show put on in an advertisement for the Multi-Prêts mortgage agency.

The construction of the letters proved to be an interesting challenge. In the curved sections the walls around the letters were made from flexboard and birch laminate, the straight edges were mdf cut at precise angles so that each joining point would fit exactly flush with one another.



A modern day last supper for the Sid Lee Collective.


  • Client: Multi-Prêts Hypothèques
  • Agency: Cart1er
  • Production: Helium Films
  • Art Direction team: Francis Dakin-Côté, Frédéric Bouin, Jean-Constant Guigue
  • Set Design team: Frédéric Bouin, Jean-Constant Guigue, Francis Dakin-Côté, Rodrigo Sergio, Jade Boutilier