• Art Direction
  • still image
  • practical effects

Some photos for Captve Jewellery’s most recent collection.

Acanthus is the 4th collection by Captve Jewellery, it is named after the acanthus leaf which was used to adorn corinthian columns in Greco Roman architecture. The leaf, at one time, symbolized immortality. The aim of the lookbook was to capture the will of humanity to immortalize themselves through the creation of grand structures.



Some letters for Valaire designed by Karim Zariffa which I built at Caravane Studio.


  • Photography: Nathan Lang
  • Art Direction: Frédéric Bouin
  • Model: Xan Shian
  • Set Painting: Marc O'Brien
  • Clothing: Naomi Hiller
  • Words: Xan Shian